About Us

Whether you are an employee, patient, community member or visitor, you should know that Great Things Happen Here.

At Davis Health System we have the technology, expertise and services that make us the regional choice for prevention, detection and treatment of disease. As rare as that level of medical advancement is in a rural community, it’s CARE that defines us.

Healthcare is people taking care of people. Here, our employees care for families, loved ones, friends, neighbors, visitors… and every person counts; every person benefits from safe and excellent care.

We’re fortunate to live in close-knit communities where our physicians are also youth soccer coaches, where our nurses are supporters of the middle school football team, where our lab and X-ray technologists are homeroom mothers and den fathers. We see vital members of our healthcare team in our fitness classes, at church and at the local grocery store. They run carpools for our aspiring gold medal gymnasts and teach classes for our young artists and musicians. Our employees sit on school boards, promote physical activity and wellness through example and donate time for the greater good.

For many in our community, roles have reversed. We may have known our caregivers when they were young, when we were mentors to them, helping shape them through sports or civic organizations into the compassionate, caring, responsible adults they have become. 

And now they are there when it counts most: when there are chest pains, earaches or swollen glands in the middle of the night, when there are skinned knees and ski injuries, when lives begin and when lives end. 

Our healthcare careers give us purpose. And we choose to work, raise our families and live our lives in communities built on trust in neighbors and traditional family values.

Our expertise is important to our patients and their family members. Our care counts; our compassion counts. Every person counts.

Thank you for understanding your importance to Davis Health System, and for your confidence in our healthcare team.